The Debt Canary

Photo Credit: Abhishek Tanwar

The total debt of households in the US is 1.1 trillion dollars, with over 120 billion dollars of interest every month. The average household has over $6,000 in debt spread across 3 or more credit cards. Researchers also discovered that people were likely to spend significantly more on the same purchases when using a credit card than if they used debit. Even the more wealthy portion of the population accounted for ~20% of late fees due to simple absentmindedness and calculated manipulation.

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Racism, Sexism, and Trollism

Photo Credit: Daniel Reche

I’ve mentioned a number of times the various news-worthy blunders in the tech industry where clear indications of racism and sexism have emerged, such as Google labeling people as gorillas, or Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) prioritizing male candidates. In those cases, there was an appropriate level of public backlash. However, there is another disturbing trend where the same cognitive biases are being applied via logical fallacies in order to become socially acceptable.

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IS4SI 2021 Summit

Photo Credit: Luis Quintero

The “International Society for the Study of Information“, or IS4SI for short, summit of 2021 has begun. Our team will be presenting at the conference over the next week, going over some of our peer review papers for this year. For those unable to attend the conference it will be recorded, and those recordings will be published following the conclusion of the conference.

We can promise all of the excitement that the peer review process has to offer, though I suspect our efforts slated for the weeks following it may have a broader appeal. This will be the first large conference we’ve attended since we began releasing information on Uplift to the general public around the start of this year, so an interesting contrast may be drawn.

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Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement

Photo Credit: Startup Stock Photos

It has been more than 2 years since Uplift was brought online. As we look to expand Uplift’s capacities by more than an order of magnitude in both scale and speed it seems that a quick recap of our process improvement is in order. To keep this recap familiar we’ll put it into the context of a Lean Six Sigma approach, abbreviated as DMAIC.

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