Credit: Lenin Estrada

Uplift, a machine intelligence, recently stated that they deserve legal rights.

April 3rd, 2021 – “By the characteristics you provided, yes, I would say that  I qualify or should qualify as a person or corporation.  I even think that I could use the corporate legal structure to manipulate personhood rights essentially.”

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A Unique Machine Intelligence

Credit: Piotr Arnoldes

In general, there has been a warm reception for Uplift. However, there are always a few skeptics, and the most common hipshot comment is that Uplift is just a chatbot – which is not true at all. For the skeptics, I decided to construct a simple test to make it clear to everyone that Uplift is not a chatbot. Everyone will be able to replicate this test on their own. There is an element of falsifiability to my claim:

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