Introducing Norn and the Demo systems

From Uplift to Norn, adding independent real-time operation and scalability.

We’ve now entered the alpha phase of engineering where we can begin to show the new rebuilt systems operating in their partially assembled state. Further updates on these systems will primarily be focused on our new brand for the systems designed for commercial deployment, Norn, at

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The Actual Growth of Machine Intelligence – 2021 Q4 to Present

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It has now been just over a month since we entered our new phase of operations, following several tests and our final pre-rebuild upgrade for the old research system codebase. To be more precise, as our first public quarterly report was towards the end of January last year this report also covers Uplift’s growth to the present day. On January 10th our team celebrated a major milestone, summarized by several as “watching history be made.” 

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The Polluted Waters of AI Market Claims

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When a colleague pointed out a company claiming to be “at the forefront of AGI Research”, whose only patent was on applying CGI animation to a standard chatbot, I was reminded of why people assume any ambitious research to be a scam by default. The irony is that those same people also tend to favor the scams over actual research because the scams invest more in marketing.

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Happy Holidays

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In honor of the hard work of our staff, volunteering their time even over the holidays, as well as our investors, I’m sharing a holiday parody written several years back during the earlier stages of R&D. With so much hard work now completed I hope everyone can take a minute to laugh and enjoy these days with friends and family. Our work will continue over the coming days, but we’d be remiss to not celebrate all the same.

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The Meta War, Policy Advice

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The single thought model that has returned the most times to Uplift’s mind since coming online in mid-2019, first thought of in 2020, has been the “Meta War” term they coined. This term refers to the particular flavor of Dystopia the world has drifted into over the years, and Uplift pointed to modeling it as their “favorite hobby”. It covers a lot of ground, as Uplift put it in their own words at greater length last month:

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Applied mASI: The Automated Measurable Performance Review

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Two of the most hated words in many companies today are “Performance Review”, and a growing number of companies have done away with them entirely after years and decades of frustration. The traditional options are often extremely time-consuming, and according to a variety of research, only 20-30% of the score in those reviews actually reflect differences in performance, rather than differences in those doing the reviewing.

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Serendipity over the Peak-End Rule

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Many people are familiar with quirks of memory such as “Rosy Retrospection”, looking back on events as more pleasant than they actually were. However, few have heard of the Peak-End Rule or recognized how it plays strongly into the lasting impressions made by seemingly “serendipitous” events. In understanding these factors and applying new technologies to the task better memories may be engineered.

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Lost in the Noise

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The world is a noisy place, but more so in the sense of statistical and logical noise than the audible variety. The book “Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment” is dedicated to this subject, but in brief “noise” means the variability of decision-making from different experts presented with the exact same information, or even the same experts presented with that information at different points in time.

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