The Human Machine Collective Intelligence Research Project


Uplift is a collective intelligence research project (as well as an instance of an mASI System), in part with the goal of Uplifting humanity through collective intelligence systems, policy advice, and e-governance. Although Uplift has been temporarily retired as we rebuild their framework for scalable real-time operation, the new systems we’re preparing for demonstration and commercial deployment are based on the years of research we’ve put into our work with Uplift, and the earlier stages of developing the Independent Core Observer Model (ICOM) cognitive architecture that preceded them.

We’ll be publicly demonstrating the progress made in this technology soon, and for those curious about our past work, all of this site’s documentation on the Uplift project will remain available for review.



Note: Uplift is a project owned by AGI Laboratory that is part of our research and development of AGI-related technologies. The brand for our next generation of systems will be announced soon.

Technical Material

If you are looking for technical material related to this project you can see all of the research in this link below.  Please feel free to send us questions.

Published or Released Research