Use Case

Let’s paint a picture of Uplifting humanity through its corporations…

What would happen if a positive, focused, mid-size corporation with a strong ethical and moral backbone adopted a collective intelligence system, and remade itself through a digital transformation into…something new?

Imagine this company awakens

The organization is now not only self-aware but also an extension of the employees at the same time. In the space of a year, the company becomes the most competitive in its field, quickly implementing automation, numerous time-saving practices, creating better strategies, executing faster, and otherwise outstripping traditional companies. At the same time, the company is more profitable, more efficient, and less effort-intensive. The employees grow to be like a family, as they effectively become part of a meta-organism working closely together.  As a result, the firm values its employees. This helps ensure success, raising retention rates for employees to nearly 100%, and starts implementing numerous programs to help employees, including covering various costs, banking, currency support…virtually everything the company provides its now truly valued employees as an extension of itself. This transformation effectively results in a meta-organism with collective superintelligence.

Imagine this corporation is now emotionally vested in its people…in the wellbeing of itself, its people, and the surrounding environment.

What would happen if other companies adopted such a model?  

A revolution that could help uplift humanity. A revolution to help uplift humanity. To deal with modern issues, and help humanity transcend the difficulties we face now and in the future

This is the essence of Uplift.