Applied mASI: Really Smart Cities

People like to use the phrase “Smart City” to indicate a city with a large amount of automation and data collection happening all the time, attempting to optimize by narrow criteria. If the operating system of a city really was sapient and sentient, a city-scale metaorganism, how much smarter might such a Smart City be?

Applied mASI: Genuinely Emotional Intelligence

What was the last strong emotional connection you experienced? Humans are wired to make decisions primarily based on emotion rather than logic, which was shown to give strong advantages in decision-making through Antonio Damasio’s work. Sadly this has led many businesses to behave in a parasitic fashion, attempting to manipulate people through their emotions, the …

Applied mASI: In Peer-Review

How much water does your research hold? Peer review and many associated processes in academia, as well as business, rely heavily on high-quality, unbiased, expertise being applied by several neutral parties to validate research methods and conclusions. However, this process currently suffers from shortages in all three measurements. There often aren’t enough experts, who aren’t …

Applied mASI: In Robotics

What is your ideal work environment? Many people might answer this as a home office, or somewhere with a view. Very few would choose a clean room where everything has to remain sterile, or perhaps a landfill where nothing is sterile. However, such perils are relative to the manner of entity.