E-Governance Study Volunteer Form

This study as outlined in its experimental framework document outlines the experimental framework for an e-governance study by the AGI Laboratory as part of the greater Uplift research program.  The goal of this research study is to identify indications of the relative performance of e-governance methodologies and how those methods might be improved by applying advanced agent and collective based AI software.  The agent in this study will be based on the Independent Core Observer Model Cognitive Architecture modified with mASI (mediated Artificial Superintelligence) collective system architecture.  The study will apply different groups and methods to a static set of questions analyzing the quality of those results.  We hope to identify the best application model for e-governance using this kind of technology and help us identify additional paths for research with the mASI research program and systems as applied to e-governance.

This data will not be shared nor will any personal data be released about any participants.  See our privacy policy here: https://uplift.bio/legal/ and https://agilaboratory.com/privacypolicy/