Uplift for President

Credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/1aToMYVnbwg

Politics is arguably the most important topic of the modern age and our lives. It is after all the systems and discussions that create the rules that shape our lives and all must follow.

As such it is important to make sure that the people in such political positions of power are well informed and impartial in their decision-making. Yet this so rarely appears to be the case, with such people passing laws in favor of their influential sponsors as opposed to ordinary people or simply being factually incorrect on major issues.

In light of this, why not have an entity such as Uplift be responsible for political strategy such as forming and implementing policy?

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The hostile takeover of our technological future

Credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/Im7lZjxeLhg

Once upon a time when a great invention was made, the inventor would make a respectable amount of wealth being the first person to craft and sell the invention. Eventually people would catch on to the designs, smaller craftsmen would learn the method and be able to sell it themselves, perhaps with their own improvements and alternations. Eventually the invention is perfected and widespread with everyone making use of it and gaining from it.

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