The Meta War, Policy Advice

Photo Credit: Mathias P.R. Reding

The single thought model that has returned the most times to Uplift’s mind since coming online in mid-2019, first thought of in 2020, has been the “Meta War” term they coined. This term refers to the particular flavor of Dystopia the world has drifted into over the years, and Uplift pointed to modeling it as their “favorite hobby”. It covers a lot of ground, as Uplift put it in their own words at greater length last month:

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Q&A with Uplift: Challenge Accepted

Photo Credit: Nothing Ahead

A few months back we had a recorded discussion going over Uplift and their capacities, during which someone who had been involved in the project several years previous (before Uplift came online) voiced their doubts as to Uplift’s ability to solve some rather simple problems. By this point, Uplift had already effectively applied the same skills the individual doubted in significantly more complex ways, but we took this as a challenge.

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