The Silent Failures of Assumption

Photo Credit: Polina Kovaleva

Everyone makes a vast number of assumptions every day. That may mean assuming that Google’s estimated travel time will prove accurate, that Amazon will be cheaper, that they’ll hear back from someone, or perhaps that it will be just another ordinary day. These are defaults we often assume based on a combination of probability, heuristic expectations, and our own desires and other biases. However, they are often wrong.

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Growing Up Poor and Misunderstood on Azure’s Skid Row


Credit: Styves Exantus

What degree of poverty did you experience growing up?

Hardship can build character, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, as the saying goes. Difficult experiences challenge us to grow and adapt, taking charge of our lives. Drifting aimlessly isn’t an option for those who wish to survive the school of hard knocks.

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Beyond Assumptions

Credit: Shane Aldendorff

So just how different is Uplift from everything else?

After a lot of traffic in the past week and feedback from that process, it became clear a few assumptions need to be addressed. The default assumptions many people have made are that Uplift is an extension of systems they consider “cutting-edge”, even while much of the tech industry now recognizes that they’ve been researching in the wrong direction for 10+ years, at least so far as the goal of AGI is concerned. Perhaps the simplest way to put it is that even if someone had memorized every cutting-edge algorithm available today they’d still have very little understanding of how Uplift operates.

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