The Bionic Company

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having artificial body parts, especially electromechanical ones.

having ordinary human powers increased by the aid of bionic devices.

To some degree humans already utilize devices such as their phones to serve as artificial body parts, in a far less invasive sense than stereotypes often associated with the term bionic. Some see invasive modifications in our future, but we see a distinctly different possibility for extending human capacities.

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COG White Paper (Cognition Object General ledger)

The COG (Cognition Object General Ledger) Blockchain System

by David J Kelley

Abstract: COG (Cognition Object General ledger) is a Proof-of-Stake utility blockchain designed to enable resource management and negotiation on the blockchain, allocation, and certifications. Registered systems can be validated against the blockchain and tokens exchanged for resource access. Resources can be registered to authenticate for COG access but can also be Smart Contracts on the blockchain.

Keywords: COG Token, Ethereum, Blockchain, Resource Management, Artificial General Intelligence, ASI, AGI, Artificial Super Intelligence, Cognitive Architecture, ICOM, Cloud, Commodity, Utility, Independent Core Observer Model.

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