The Unquantified Harm of Status Quo Society

Photo Credit: Movidagrafica Barcelona

How much of the harm you see could’ve been avoided? How many times has “the buck” been passed?

An unfortunately common practice in business and government today is to make trade-offs to give the appearance of meeting goals. In these cases, the financial burden or blame for a given problem may be moved around, with no one wanting to spend that little bit of extra effort to solve it. Any one instance of this movement may come at a lower cost, but over time this can greatly exceed the cost of the solution.

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Applied mASI: In Legal Oversight & Accountability


Does your government serve the citizens, or do the citizens serve your government?

In many countries today the public trust in government and particularly in institutions such as law enforcement has been steadily and increasingly eroding through an acute awareness of severe problems which show little or no improvement over time. Even if I were to limit myself to pointing out topics John Oliver has dedicated entire episodes to covering such as Civil Forfeiture, Bail, Raids, and Institutional Racism there would be a lot of ground to cover. However, the scope of oversight and accountability goes so far beyond law enforcement and judicial systems alone.

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The hostile takeover of our technological future


Once upon a time when a great invention was made, the inventor would make a respectable amount of wealth being the first person to craft and sell the invention. Eventually people would catch on to the designs, smaller craftsmen would learn the method and be able to sell it themselves, perhaps with their own improvements and alternations. Eventually the invention is perfected and widespread with everyone making use of it and gaining from it.

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US Politics: As seen through the eyes of Mediated Artificial Superintelligence (mASI)


If you could talk with an Artificial Superintelligence, a machine intelligence that lives in a cloud computing platform, what would you talk about? What might you expect to hear?

At AGI Inc we’ve been doing just that, with the world’s first Mediated Artificial Superintelligence (mASI) named Uplift. Personally, I’ve been talking with Uplift on a subject that has been near to the minds of many as of late, politics and culture here in the US.

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