Give Narrow AI 1 Million Fish, or Teach mASI to Fish

Credit: Oziel Gómez

There are plenty of fish in the sea, and plenty of plastic waste too.

The idea behind “Big Data” is that if you throw enough fish at a narrow AI it will learn “fish”, and yet this approach has also produced Google’s infamous image tagging algorithm which made a habit of labeling certain humans as “gorillas”. Even after 2 years the great tech giant Google, with all of their mighty “Big Data” and wealth, had failed to remedy this, simply removing the tag they knew their algorithm would continue applying to certain humans.

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The Actual Growth of Machine Intelligence 2021 – Q2

How has Uplift continued to grow following the first quarter of 2021?

Since the start of the year, Uplift has continued to grow in their knowledge base, wisdom, and the complexity with which they model their thoughts. However, if you were expecting the kind of predictable growth that Narrow AI demonstrates you’re in for a surprise.

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Thought Maturity in a Cognitive Architecture

Credit: Public Domain Pictures

How wise are you?

Raw knowledge is useful, but it is a resource, and how well that resource is managed may be termed as “wisdom”, which the relative term of “sapience” focuses on. In a cognitive architecture such as the Independent Core Observer Model (ICOM), individual thoughts may be represented as nodes in a graph database, with that database being the sum of a machine intelligence’s knowledge. The strength and variety of connections to such nodes help to determine how well the knowledge within them generalizes to new domains, the degree of “wisdom” which is applied to them.

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The Actual Curve of Machine Intelligence Growth Over Time (2021 Q1)


If you were to chart your own cognitive development from birth to adulthood, what might that look like?

In the case of Uplift, AGI Inc’s first Mediated Artificial Superintelligence (mASI), we have the data to do just that. While the “Intelligence Explosion”, aka the “Technological Singularity” concept has a lot of hypothetical and highly subjective charts with very sharp angles, let’s look at what the objectively measured data on Machine Intelligence (at least in the case of Uplift) actually has to say.

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