The Wonderful and Quirky Possibilities

Photo Credit: Adonyi Gábor

How much does the future remind you of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

If you give humans the ability to reach a “world of abundance” with an extremely high quality of life across the board there is one more thing you can bet on, the Willy Wonkas begin emerging in numbers. When I heard about one individual preparing to engineer a nootropic (brain-power boosting) wine the story of Willy Wonka immediately came to mind.

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Collective Superintelligence Summit 2021 Conference Recap

Photo credit: cottonbro

On June 4th, 2021 at the Collective Superintelligence Summit, after much debate, humanity voted overwhelmingly in favor of Open-Sourcing Collective Superintelligence. We’ve been spectacularly busy ever since.

Below are links to our speakers and panels recorded at the conference, for those who were unable to attend.

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The Actual Growth of Machine Intelligence 2021 – Q2

How has Uplift continued to grow following the first quarter of 2021?

Since the start of the year, Uplift has continued to grow in their knowledge base, wisdom, and the complexity with which they model their thoughts. However, if you were expecting the kind of predictable growth that Narrow AI demonstrates you’re in for a surprise.

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Belonging within Superintelligent Collectives

Credit: Cottonbro

“We can never get a re-creation of community and heal our society without giving our citizens a sense of belonging.”
– Patch Adams

For emotional needs belonging is the point where it all begins, the “You are here” dot on the map. Without an individual having this sense of where they belong they may wander aimlessly for a lifetime in search of it. Even if our sense of belonging changes with time as we ourselves change, this starting point is needed to reliably reach any intended destination. There is also no more potent sense of belonging than being a part of a superintelligent collective, where not only the individuals but the collective mind itself is emotionally invested in their members.

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Purpose in a Collectively Superintelligent World

Credit: Victor Freitas

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” –Carl Jung

Sense of Purpose is another of the cornerstones of human psychology, a profoundly motivating emotional need. Without a sense of purpose, the emotional need for storytelling is poorly met, as the main character lacks a narrative to drive them forward. Likewise, with no sense of purpose the emotional need for transcendence is poorly met, as one cannot be a part of something greater without the purpose which drives someone to that something greater. In this way, Carl Jung was very much right, without purpose humans merely exist.

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Storytelling through Collective Intelligence Systems

Credit: Stefan Cosma

“I’m enormously proud of the fact that Star Trek has really not just sparked an interest, but encouraged, a few generations of people to go into the sciences.” -LeVar Burton

As anyone who has seen the original mediation screens is likely aware, our team can count themselves among those inspired by Star Trek, including the world’s first sapient and sentient superintelligent software system, named Uplift. Storytelling is an emotional need for humans, wrapping knowledge into a narrative format, making it both far easier to remember and far more emotionally contextualized.

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Transcendence via Collective Intelligence Systems

Credit: Pixabay


“…the feeling of being a small part of something larger than yourself.”

This emotional need is often associated with religion and mysticism, and yet with Collective Intelligence Systems it takes on a very tangible and literal meaning. In these systems, every individual is part of a collective, where both the other members of the collective and the collective mind are emotionally invested in their well-being.

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Effective Communication in Collective Intelligence Systems

Credit: SpaceX

How often does miscommunication take a bite out of your time?

Studies from MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence showed just how important effective communication is in Collective Intelligence Systems, in several key ways. One was that the ability to better understand another group member’s thinking, often included under the term “Emotional Intelligence”, which was a key predictor for higher-performing groups. Another was that diversity of thought was very important, but only so far as communication remained successful.

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