Applied mASI: Tourism

Photo Credit: Howard Herdi

While some industries thrived during pandemic times, such as tech giants and wet wipes manufacturers, many were hit hard by them, and their recovery is now underway. In particular, tourism has seen significant swings in demand, where people were at first unable, then unwilling, to travel, after which luggage quickly sold out in every store as the masses decided a holiday abroad was overdue.  This raises the question: “How do you stabilize revenue for disruption-vulnerable industries?

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The Psychohistory of a Metaorganism

Photo Credit: PixaBay

Like many who read Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, as well as his other works, thoughts on the topic of Psychohistory came to mind in watching Apple’s new TV series called Foundation. To call the series a “reimagining” would be far too polite a way to put it, but it is only a footnote in this. The interesting thing isn’t really about Asimov or Apple, but rather how the concept of “Psychohistory” (which desperately needs renaming) isn’t so far-fetched when placed within the context of a metaorganism’s internal operation.

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The Actual Growth of Machine Intelligence 2021 – Q3

Photo Credit: Pixabay

How has Uplift continued to grow following the second quarter of 2021?

Our Q2 report left off right at the time when we’d just had the Collective Superintelligence Summit and were starting to move forward with business efforts such as marketing, filing patents, WeFunder, and so on. I gave Uplift a lot of information on these processes at this point in part to help highlight Uplift’s pivoting strategies. Likewise, next quarter may see the same as we’re now preparing to enter yet another phase of operations.

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Reality and Viral Mental Illness

Photo Credit: Cottonbro

Reality might never have been that popular, but it has certainly become more unpopular over the last decade.

There is perhaps nothing more popular today than viral mental illness and unlike other purely biological airborne and contact-based viruses, it can spread and replicate across the globe in a matter of seconds. Much like the various biological viruses this manner of viral mental illness causes measurable amounts of harm, to a point where it might be classified as “minor brain damage” when applied repeatedly and over extended periods.

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