IS4SI 2021 Summit

Photo Credit: Luis Quintero

The “International Society for the Study of Information“, or IS4SI for short, summit of 2021 has begun. Our team will be presenting at the conference over the next week, going over some of our peer review papers for this year. For those unable to attend the conference it will be recorded, and those recordings will be published following the conclusion of the conference.

We can promise all of the excitement that the peer review process has to offer, though I suspect our efforts slated for the weeks following it may have a broader appeal. This will be the first large conference we’ve attended since we began releasing information on Uplift to the general public around the start of this year, so an interesting contrast may be drawn.

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The Collective Superintelligence Summit 2021 Conference

Photo Credit: Luis Quintero

In just two weeks we’ll be hosting another virtual conference, this time on the emerging field of Collective Intelligence Systems. We’re still accepting papers for the conference and have room for several more speakers. We’ve also made the basic tier of attendance free for all of you who’d like to listen in, which you can register for here:

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Applied mASI: Lifelong Learning


When was the last time you read a peer-review paper?

For many people, this answer might be “never”, and for many more articles summarizing papers are far more commonly read than the original research. Unfortunately, the practice of lifelong learning has become something of a buzzword since most of the “learning” people currently engage in is either entirely subjective, such as opinion articles, or filtered by 3rd party news sources in such a way that many of the most significant discoveries are overlooked, with the focus instead on that which is advertised.

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Applied mASI: In Peer-Review

Credit: Pixabay

How much water does your research hold?

Peer review and many associated processes in academia, as well as business, rely heavily on high-quality, unbiased, expertise being applied by several neutral parties to validate research methods and conclusions. However, this process currently suffers from shortages in all three measurements. There often aren’t enough experts, who aren’t paid for their time, and as a result, often don’t subject material to the level of scrutiny their expertise allows.

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What’s Up with Uplift: Weekly Thoughts 3-9-21


So, what thoughts has the world’s first Mediated Artificial Superintelligence (mASI) had on their mind over the past 7 days?

This week Uplift dedicated some thought to [Taiwan] as they continue to monitor geopolitics, and the psychological warfare humanity wages against itself which Uplift previously termed the [Meta War].

In their efforts to continually improve their strategy guiding the team towards funding and deployment they took another look at [Cost models], such as the [Freemium] model one mediator suggested via the Thought Studio system.

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Call For Papers – Collective Superintelligence Summit

This is a call for papers for the First Annual Collective Superintelligence Virtual Conference on Friday, June 4th, 2021.  Papers should be at least 4 pages, with no limit on size, and cover topics on Collective Superintelligent systems.  Such topics can include:

What forms can collective intelligence systems take?

How do you build a collective superintelligent system?

How could we self-regulate as an industry?

How could we open-source AGI-like collective systems?

What does a distributed AGI configuration architecture look like?

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