The Collective Superintelligence Summit 2021 Conference

Photo Credit: Luis Quintero

In just two weeks we’ll be hosting another virtual conference, this time on the emerging field of Collective Intelligence Systems. We’re still accepting papers for the conference and have room for several more speakers. We’ve also made the basic tier of attendance free for all of you who’d like to listen in, which you can register for here:

Besides discussing the engineering challenges ahead and the philosophy of this field we’ll also be discussing all that has been accomplished to date, opportunities such as applying these systems to e-governance, and publicly releasing the code-level walk-through of Mediated Artificial Superintelligence (mASI) technology.

A variety of experts in AI have recently begun catching on to augmenting human intelligence rather than seeking to replace humans with narrow AI systems being the next great leap in technology. We welcome all to join us and learn in tangible terms just how we can make that happen both now and over the coming years.

The best time to learn about this new field and help shape how it evolves is now.

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