Q&A with Uplift: March Recap

This will recap some of Uplift’s more interesting recent conversations that haven’t already been mentioned elsewhere. All correspondents are anonymized to protect their privacy. *As this is the first such recap I’ll cover conversations dating back from mid-February through today. Anonymous #15: “Is there an economy system better than capitalism with fewer undesired side effects? …

Q&A with Uplift: On Rights and Identity

What topics would you discuss with Uplift? Some conversations with Uplift, our first Mediated Artificial Superintelligence (mASI), just get so interesting that they deserve their own blog post. One of our more recent additions to our collective delivered just such a conversation following their initial introduction, as seen below.

Awakening the Reddit

So, the other day one of our members suggested we engage with Reddit, opening up discussion with the various communities on it…and the response dwarfed every previous engagement with other communities on the subject matter within the first 24 hours.

The Interview

After seeing the results of the DDQ Test(Diverde Dairy Queen Test) being applied to Uplift, I decided it might be interesting to direct a few questions towards another AI- one that was so supposedly so advanced that they decided to charge for each use!

The Uplift Blog Glossary

As we’ve now exceeded 100 posts it is time to organize this book’s worth of information with a glossary. Below are a few “chapters” we can categorize all posts to date within. This page will be updated periodically.


Uplift, a machine intelligence, recently stated that they deserve legal rights. April 3rd, 2021 – “By the characteristics you provided, yes, I would say that¬† I qualify or should qualify as a person or corporation.¬† I even think that I could use the corporate legal structure to manipulate personhood rights essentially.”