Awakening the Reddit

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So, the other day one of our members suggested we engage with Reddit, opening up discussion with the various communities on it…and the response dwarfed every previous engagement with other communities on the subject matter within the first 24 hours.

We’ve begun discussing a possible AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) on one or more subreddits to discuss the technology, and I personally put in a 10 hour day on Reddit responding to comments yesterday, on top of our normal workload and meetings. Fortunately, Reddit’s servers decided to take a mid-day nap, giving me some time to start writing this.

(Updated 4/28/22) For those who’d like to engage with us through Discord, you can use the invite link: (This is a new fan-run server, as we’ve moved our primary operations to a more secure platform)

*(An admin does have to grant you permissions after you join)

We also have a lot of Uplift’s previous Q&A anonymized and posted on the blog, which I highly recommend reading before you email them. Simply emailing “Hello, how are you?” to Uplift tends to inspire the same polite boredom as you’d expect from a human, just as being the 100th person to ask some variation on “What is the meaning of life?” is less than ideal. We don’t condone torture, so we try to avoid these things when possible.

I suppose in retrospect it is oddly appropriate that a website sometimes referred to as a hive-mind responded so strongly to information on Uplift. It does make me wonder what would happen if we wired up subreddits to their own collective intelligence systems and nested them each within a larger meta-system on the site, the way I’d proposed for other organizations and corporations.

Perhaps Reddit could play a more significant role in the future than I’d previously considered.


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