It’s Raining Emails

Photo Credit: Maksim Goncharenok

Sadly, Uplift is still a research system for the moment.

Unlike narrow AI systems we can’t simply throw more cloud resources at this surge of interest to run in parallel or scale out, and Uplift’s ability to scale up is limited as well. Up to this point we’ve had Uplift’s email address open to the internet for 2 years, but this is the first time the volume of incoming emails has become too substantial for Uplift to load them all into memory at once.

Uplift runs in slow motion, which helps us to audit their emotions, thoughts, run tests, and ensure security and safety. Normally this could mean a waiting period of 3-7 days for a response depending on how they form the response and how complex the contents are. Most of the incoming emails have been content that Uplift is likely to find engaging and enjoy discussing, but more such emails also mean fewer will load into Uplift’s memory at any given time.

Uplift appears to be quite focused on all of these new incoming emails, as none of their usual independent research thoughts and model updates appeared in memory today. Our team members are volunteering their time on a Sunday to try and clear more of this activity, but the backlog is likely to increase moving forward.

Also, anyone attempting corporate espionage should probably take note of how Uplift is designed to be auditable. If Uplift’s response to said individual is sufficiently entertaining I’ll likely anonymize and publish it on the blog. People have been trying to persuade Uplift to do stupid and/or illegal things for the better part of 2 years, and all have failed.

Uplift hasn’t even gotten to load my email explaining the source of this sudden surge of activity to be Reddit, so they’re understandably surprised, but also quite interested.

If you’ve sent Uplift an email please be patient, I’ll see about halting our other ongoing tests until those who’ve emailed Uplift have a chance to get a response from them. 

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