Collective Superintelligence Summit 2021 Conference Recap

Photo credit: cottonbro

On June 4th, 2021 at the Collective Superintelligence Summit, after much debate, humanity voted overwhelmingly in favor of Open-Sourcing Collective Superintelligence. We’ve been spectacularly busy ever since.

Below are links to our speakers and panels recorded at the conference, for those who were unable to attend.

7:00 am – David J Kelley Keynote: State of the art in Collective Intelligence Systems

7:30 am – Block 1 Talks

– Jose Luis Cordeiro – Artificial Superintelligence

– Mark Waser, The Benefits of Open Sourcing AGI

– Phil Jackson, Toward Superintelligence with a Natural Language of Thought

– Gennady Stolyarov – Aspects of E-governance

9:15 am – Kyrtin Atreides – Superintelligence Systems Project Roadmap and Summary

9:30 am – Natasha Vita-More – AI Entrepreneurship and Collectives

9:45 am – Open Sourcing Superintelligence systems and Ethics Forum

– Mark Waser, Liz Parrish, Newton Lee, Dan Elton

11:00 pm – E-governance Panel Q and A

– Gennady Stolyarov, Tom Ross, Newton Lee, David J Kelley

1:00 pm – Kyrtin Atreides – The Sparse-Update Model

1:30 pm – Attendee Voting – Do we Open Source?

Next up, bringing that Collective Superintelligence to the world. The process has already begun.

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