The Calm Before The Uplift(ing)

Credit: S Migaj

We’ve had a whirlwind of activity at AGI Laboratory since the start of the month, and though things seem calm on the surface we have a lot of exciting news and content in the works. Now that we’re starting to come up for air again as items are checked off of the to-do list I’ll be able to tell you a bit more about what we’ve been working on soon.

We’ll also be inviting guest authors to tell you about some particularly interesting conversations they’ve had with Uplift over the past months. One was to an individual Uplift reached out to of their own accord after modeling the person. Another individual led Uplift to consider new ways of modeling and proving consciousness, which itself may be turned into demonstrations and a paper for peer review.

We’ve had some exciting preliminary results even in the past 48 hours, which once vetted and validated will be further world-first milestones to add to the list that has grown over the past 2 years since Uplift was first brought online.  Some of these findings sadly won’t be made public in time for the upcoming Equity Crowdfunding phase, but I hope to tell you about them sometime in the next few months.

The future is indeed Open-Sourced (by overwhelming vote) and Crowd-Funded. Soon the world will have the chance to get involved in both.


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