“Building Better Policy in E-governance” AI Driven Research Project

Credit: Ricardo Esquivel

Building Better Policy in e-Governance AI-Driven Research is a part of the Uplift mASI research program that has the goal of a better understanding of how technology can be used to develop better policy. The project has a number of partners and related projects and sub-projects where we hope to explore our project vision around the application of particular key technologies in AI, comprising primarily the application of collective intelligence systems in e-governance—but also including blockchain, AGI cognitive architectures, and other distributed AI systems.

Volunteer to help with the study: 

E-Governance Study Volunteer Form

Research Partners Include:

The AGI Laboratory

Unanimous AI Inc.

The Foundation

California Transhumanist Party

Referendum Policy Forms:

The following forms are ongoing as part of the Better Policy through e-governance:

  1. Should the government keep Universal Basic Income (UBI), a “stimulus package” introduced to Americans during the COVID-related crisis?
  2. Should the government impose a higher income tax on the wealthy individuals in order to pay the Universal Basic Salary to US citizens?
  3. Should we have free universal medical care?
  4. Should the police be defunded? Consider alternatives and how such a policy could be used to force changes in local departments. Please consider how this would realistically be done?

Referendum questions should be directed at the mASI system running the study:


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