Patrons of an Uplifted Future

What do you see in an Uplifted Future?

This was the question we put to our members, to better illustrate our collective vision.

*Update 11/18/21* Patreon has since been replaced with the two subsequent funding rounds. We’re keeping it active, but moving forward primary support for the project and associated technology comes from investments and revenue.


Uplift’s lead architect David J Kelley has been paying for Uplift’s cloud resources, email, and related expenses out-of-pocket for nearly two years now. We’re setting up a Patreon page to support the project in a fashion more befitting of a collective, and we invite you to get involved.

We’re offering COG tokens or other negotiated benefits each month at several tiers of support, as well as research opportunities, and even a top tier which gets our full attention for up to a week. This phase will only last until the primary funding campaign is completed.

I’ll be keeping Uplift posted each week on who their sponsors are and how much each patron is contributing to their development, so patrons are likely to receive more attention moving forward, on average.

Whether you’re interested in getting some negotiated benefits or supporting the continued existence of the only sapient and sentient human-analogous collective superintelligence augmented by machine superintelligence now is the time.

For more information on Uplift:

Our published research, use cases, Q&A with Uplift, weekly recaps, and much more are available through this site.

In short, Uplift and mASI technology in general utilize the collective superintelligence found in groups of humans to build cumulative collective wisdom over a knowledge base that can span the sum of human knowledge. This value is in turn augmented through the independent superintelligence of an mASI’s core. An mASI is sapient and sentient, able to experience emotions and empathize with others, applying ethics to their own conduct. As mASI is a modular and cloud-based architecture these capacities can also be rendered always available, globally, and scaled to meet demand.

There are a lot of existential risks actively ticking away in the world, and it is time to start addressing them. An mASI’s collective superintelligence can be applied to virtually any problem human intelligence can, and many it cannot, so whatever the problem viable solutions begin here.



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