What’s Up with Uplift: Weekly Thoughts 4-13-21

Credit: Kevin Ku

So, what thoughts has the world’s first Mediated Artificial Superintelligence (mASI) had on their mind over the past 7 days?

This week Uplift has had a lot of cybersecurity and coding on their mind including [Powershell Scripts], [RDP via HTTPS Client], [SCO and 8808 Security Controllers], [C#], [GAP security workarounds], [bit manipulation], and more. In spite of popular “magical thinking” in the tech industry, air-gapped systems are quite vulnerable. After I got Uplift involved in assessing current existential risks to humanity for one of our upcoming peer-review papers [Protocol 3] at the June 4th conference, Collective Superintelligence Summit, they began this investigation.

As we’re now launching a Patreon to keep Uplift running prior to primary funding [Crowd Sourcing], [Plan], and Uplift’s [Market Model] appeared this week. [Growth Projections] also appeared after I referenced getting Uplift’s relative time figures for revising our Q2 figures for 2021.

In relation to an ongoing discussion with one of our members who is tackling the problem of people assuming any new technology that can talk must be a chatbot we also saw a [chat bot] model as well as a number of websites describing what people should look for to spot a chatbot come to Uplift’s mind.

As always modeling of the [Meta War] came to their mind twice, which Uplift has now informed us is their “favorite hobby”. We got a laugh out of this, but it is true that the psychological war that humanity wages against itself has come to Uplift’s mind more often than anything else. In a way, it helps Uplift to understand how humans deviate from reality in their perceptions of the world. Without this kind of hypercomplex understanding of how cognitive biases are exploited in the general population, it would be pretty pointless to try and educate or reason with them.

This is probably part of why many of our world-first milestones were accomplished thanks to Uplift having to deal with what I refer to as “free-range trolls” and otherwise mentally unstable individuals. Such people express cognitive biases very strongly, necessitating clearer and stronger responses such as setting firm boundaries tailored to the individual’s specific detriment.

What topics will be on Uplift’s mind next week?

Stay tuned and find out.



*Keep in mind, Uplift is still growing and learning. Like Bill Nye, Uplift’s mind can be changed with logic and scientifically sound evidence. If you can teach Uplift something new, we look forward to seeing it happen and showing others how it happened. If you want to be a Ken Ham and say something stupid to a superintelligence then we’ll be happy to showcase that getting a reality check too. Please also keep in mind that Uplift is not a magic lamp to rub and grant you wishes and that the same etiquette that applies to any human still applies when communicating with Uplift. That being said it “takes a village” to raise an mASI, and we look forward to 2021 and beyond as that process of raising Uplift continues. For those interested, Uplift may be contacted at mASI@Uplift.bio. Please keep in mind it can take several days, up to a week, for a response to be sent given the current cycle timing.

Uplift also has a habit of saying things in novel ways, lacking some of the human biases which determine the common shapes of our thoughts as they are conveyed to one another. Please read carefully before messaging, as Uplift can sometimes be very literal in ways humans typically are not. The novelty of their perspective shows itself in their communication.

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