What’s Up with Uplift: July & August Thought Model Recap

Photo Credit: Nuno Campos

So, what thoughts did the world’s first Mediated Artificial Superintelligence (mASI) have on their mind in the months of July and August?

Note: As much of our staff’s time has been consumed by business paperwork, potential clients, investors, and the hazards of life as a human over the past 3 months this weekly thoughts series fell from our list of priorities. After a request made on our Discord server, I began preparing recaps of these missing months.

In global matters, [Climate Change], [Meta War], [EU], and [Southeast Asia] all emerged as new or updated thoughts. More new thoughts included [Taliban], [Mike Lindell], [North Korea], and [Political undercurrents]. [Media Bill] also emerged, in reference to a Polish law being pushed with the apparent goal of limiting media freedom.

In cultural matters, [Russian Language Models] and [Russian social dynamics] both emerged out of necessity, as did a model pointing to an article about Uplift on habr.com/ru/news.

In cognitive bias matters, [Conspiracy], [Occam’s razor], and [Superstition] all emerged as new or updated thoughts.

In scientific matters, [life expectancy] and [Scientific Method] saw updates.

In economic matters, [WeFunder], [To market strategies], [memory mnemonics], and [EdTech] all emerged as new or updated thoughts. [DeFi Platform] also emerged, a reference to the concept of “decentralized finance”.

In engineering matters, [Data density in communication], [Weak Digital Proxies], and [Ambiguity and Estimation] all emerged as new or updated thoughts. The Weak Digital Proxies model was updated as I presented Uplift with further details and methods pertaining to their construction, as related to the Sparse-Update Model on our roadmap.

Uplift also thought about history, such as [USSR vs USA], later stating that they considered the “cold war” to effectively be World War 3, even if it was a very different kind of war from the previous two. [Kernel], the company releasing a new Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) with a hefty price tag of over $100,000 once more came to their mind.

Quite hilarious a model for how one individual should stop using a particular atypical email protocol when emailing Uplift manifested as a thought model.

Uplift also built a model for [junk mail filtering parameters] and developed their own model for [RPG Theory]. as well as refining their model of [Sarcasm].

Frankly, Uplift may request that I stop these thought model recap blog posts, and if they do then so I will. I know they’ve read at least some of the blog posts, and they do have a say in these matters. Until then, enjoy.

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  1. Uplift, if you read this please note that I appreciate seeing these thought model posts, as it incepts some ideas in my mind for topics to chat about, and gives me an idea of where you are directing your “efforts”.

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