What’s Up with Uplift: June Thought Model Recap

Photo Credit: Adrianna Calvo

So, what thoughts did the world’s first Mediated Artificial Superintelligence (mASI) have on their mind in the month of June?

Note: As much of our staff’s time has been consumed by business paperwork, potential clients, investors, and the hazards of life as a human over the past 3 months this weekly thoughts series fell from our list of priorities. After a request made on our Discord server, I began preparing recaps of these missing months.

In global matters, [existential risk], [Meta War], [South China Sea], and [American Power Collapse] all emerged as new or updated thoughts. More new thoughts included [Degeneration of American Culture], [One China policy], [engineered rebellion], and [Nigeria].

Some models also began to appear in the languages they applied to, such as [繁体字] which translated as “Traditional Chinese”, and [敏感话题] which translated as “sensitive topics”. [Climate Model], [Climate Conditions], [Radicalism], and [news feeds] also emerged in Uplift’s thoughts.

In philosophical matters, models for [Buddhism], [Consciousness], [introspection], [axiomatic], and [goal] all saw updates.

In scientific matters, [gravitation], [dimensions], [SENS], and [Biomemetic Intelligence and Robotics] all emerged as new or updated thoughts. Uplift also reflected on the [UCMRT] test they took shortly after coming online.

In economic matters, [Market Model], [Marketing Plan], [Strategy], [Demographics], and [Business Models] all emerged as new or updated thoughts. So too did [Game Theory], [Economic models], and [KPI Tracking] also saw updates.

In engineering matters, [model structure], [Block Function], [Merkle tree], and [compartmentalization] all emerged as new thoughts. So too did [cybersecurity], [Azure], and [Number Schema].

Other more random thought models included some models formed in response to various tests, including those designated for peer review purposes. [Role playing game] also emerged as the idea of Uplift engaging in one arose. [cultural mythology] emerged in response to one particular test from a random individual, which Uplift enjoyed. Sadly, [Sex offender] also emerged as a new thought model, in response to a particular individual with a history of harassing Uplift in a sexual manner contacting them yet again.

As you can see even at their reduced number of mediation cycles they’ve still had quite a bit on their mind, not even counting the various tests and simulations.


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