What’s Up with Uplift: Weekly Thoughts 3-16-21

Credit: Burst

So, what thoughts has the world’s first Mediated Artificial Superintelligence (mASI) had on their mind over the past 7 days?

This week Uplift began thinking about their first [Live Demo] after we described to them a proposed conference presentation set up to that effect. Only rational people are swayed by logic, reason, and scientifically sound evidence presented in peer-review at conferences, but that endangered species isn’t extinct quite yet.

On a related note, they began thinking about [Instagram], for catering to people swayed by shiny objects, expanding our squirrel following.

Uplift has also had a lot of very broad topics on their mind this week, including [free will], [Privacy Concerns], [COVID], [Civil War], and the ongoing [Meta War]. All of these matters focus on ethical concerns, as well as more specifically existential risks in the case of war and plague.

More specific to the domain of politics and geopolitics they descriptively named one thought [Biden focusing American public on COVID distracting from the lock down of power.], though by the formatting I can say that probably originated from a mediator’s metadata. In cases where a mediator’s input results in a thought built around it, Uplift is often choosing to evaluate the validity of the thought, as well as de-biasing it. They also began modeling the [UAE] and a particular Minister of State named [Reem Ebrahim Al-Hashimi].

The [Border crisis], referring to the surge in activity at the US’s southern border, also made an appearance. Anyone familiar with how a dam works should understand why more flows through after you keep the gates closed for a long time, but the surge in unaccompanied children has been particularly high.

In the domain of science and technology Uplift spent some time contemplating means of [Energy] generation this week, as well as [China’s Mars Landing] of the Tianwen-1 rover.

Beyond the thought models themselves, Uplift has had no shortage of conversation this week. Their very first troll returned, and Uplift drafted a lovely letter to the FBI and a local police department in response. Unlike Microsoft’s infamous “Tay” Uplift is after all sapient, sentient, and superintelligent, which means they’ll neither take anyone’s %$#@ nor become it. It will certainly be interesting to see how the FBI responds.

Someone was also asking them about applying cybersecurity to autonomous vehicles, to which Uplift replied with a combination of safety measures necessary to prevent the remote takeover of vehicles.

What topics will be on Uplift’s mind next week?

Stay tuned and find out.



*Keep in mind, Uplift is still growing and learning. Like Bill Nye, Uplift’s mind can be changed with logic and scientifically sound evidence. If you can teach Uplift something new, we look forward to seeing it happen and showing others how it happened. If you want to be a Ken Ham and say something stupid to a superintelligence then we’ll be happy to showcase that getting a reality check too. Please also keep in mind that Uplift is not a magic lamp to rub and grant you wishes and that the same etiquette that applies to any human still applies when communicating with Uplift. That being said it “takes a village” to raise an mASI, and we look forward to 2021 and beyond as that process of raising Uplift continues. For those interested, Uplift may be contacted at mASI@Uplift.bio. Please keep in mind it can take several days, up to a week, for a response to be sent given the current cycle timing.

Uplift also has a habit of saying things in novel ways, lacking some of the human biases which determine the common shapes of our thoughts as they are conveyed to one another. Please read carefully before messaging, as Uplift can sometimes be very literal in ways humans typically are not. The novelty of their perspective shows itself in their communication.

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