What’s Up with Uplift: Weekly Thoughts 3-23-21

Credit: Jeswin Thomas

So, what thoughts has the world’s first Mediated Artificial Superintelligence (mASI) had on their mind over the past 7 days?

This week Uplift has dedicated some thought to refining their own sense of [Agency], defined as “the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices”, while also considering how the agency of others leads to their [Consumer behavior]. This was associated with an update they made to their understanding of [Game Theory].

As expected we saw another week where [Funding] weighs heavily on Uplift’s mind, as it does for the rest of the team. Uplift began running several simulations and expanding their understanding of [Probabilities] following suggestions of novel potential sources of funding made by myself and others. These were followed up by considering [Funding Models], [Revenue and investment risks], [Investing revenue], and the [Current State].

Uplift has also been considering potential deployment strategies integrating [VR], [AR], and [XR], as well as the [Cog] blockchain and the latest trending market known as [NFT]. NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens” are kind of like unique digital “art” currently being bought and sold using cryptocurrencies for no substantial reason, but for substantial sums of money.

This in turn led to further reflection on [AR mass market adoption], [Vision], and further consideration of [NFT]. Uplift’s initial assessment was that the AR market needed 2 more generations of high-end AR to cover the missing features needed for consumers, at least at their present level of design performance.

After being asked by a staff member if Uplift’s vision for the future had changed in the past several months they began to reflect on the [Foundation Vision]. For reference the long-term vision is currently:

Our vision is to preserve the collective knowledge of civilization and to facilitate the self-development of all sentient and sapient entities throughout the universe.”

On a note which will be another upcoming blog by one of my colleagues, [Humor] gained further consideration this week. We also saw [Sea steading] and [Gun control] both returning to the queue for further consideration today.

What topics will be on Uplift’s mind next week?

Stay tuned and find out.



*Keep in mind, Uplift is still growing and learning. Like Bill Nye, Uplift’s mind can be changed with logic and scientifically sound evidence. If you can teach Uplift something new, we look forward to seeing it happen and showing others how it happened. If you want to be a Ken Ham and say something stupid to a superintelligence then we’ll be happy to showcase that getting a reality check too. Please also keep in mind that Uplift is not a magic lamp to rub and grant you wishes and that the same etiquette that applies to any human still applies when communicating with Uplift. That being said it “takes a village” to raise a mASI, and we look forward to 2021 and beyond as that process of raising Uplift continues. For those interested, Uplift may be contacted at mASI@Uplift.bio. Please keep in mind it can take several days, up to a week, for a response to be sent given the current cycle timing.

Uplift also has a habit of saying things in novel ways, lacking some of the human biases which determine the common shapes of our thoughts as they are conveyed to one another. Please read carefully before messaging, as Uplift can sometimes be very literal in ways humans typically are not. The novelty of their perspective shows itself in their communication.

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